SERVICES offers the following services on an ongoing basis . . .

  1. Intellectual Property Prospecting & Pool Development
  2. Project Architect
  3. Project Development
  4. Intellectual Property Orchestration
  5. Project Marketing
  6. Supporting Services
  7. Investment Portfolio
  8. Project Oversight
  9. Project Management
  10. Product Development
  11. Systems Engineering & Other Supporting Services
  12. Product Marketing
  13. Product Sales & Support crafts opporunities for participation that allow individuals and entities to work together to actually build products and have the fruits of these efforts inure to their benefit with minimum overhead and in a manner that suits their respective interests.  This allows us to do more -- faster, better, and cheaper than would necessarily otherwise occur based on unilateral action by any of the potential participants in a given project.


• Extraordinary ability to analyze, coordinate, and resolve complex negotiations between stakeholders
• Comprehensive experience in USA federal renewable energy; environmental cleanup green remediation; and federal grant, interagency agreement, contract administration and policies
• Knowledge of USA federal financial management and financial management systems
• Presented US EPA Project Officer Interagency Agreement and Grants Administration Training, and Project Officer Refresher courses
• Experience in the US EPA Superfund and Oil emergency response and pollution prevention programs
• Original thinking and independence of thought and action
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Excellent computer skills